About me

I’m Kate Jaramillo, JD, MDiv, BCC (she/her/hers).   

For over 30 years I have been helping people deal with their rough spots in the road, first as an attorney practicing family and elder law, then as a Board Certified Chaplain, serving over 20 years in acute care hospitals (mostly ICU and oncology) and hospice/palliative care.

I am a working class woman, lesbian, bi-racial (Yaqui/European), Quaker, senior citizen, cancer survivor. As such, I’ve navigated my share of hardships, including poverty, life-threatening illness, discrimination, personal and professional failures. One thing I know for sure is that we can survive. We can live fully and we can enjoy life. Helping people live into their potential and thrive makes my heart sing.

Seeing life through a spiritual lens, I practice coaching based upon the following premises:

We all are amazing, beautiful and innately good.

We all need a sense of worthiness, peace, meaning and purpose.

We all have way more in common than separates us. 

We all have universal human needs and when these needs get met, we feel right with the world.

We all are on this journey together, doing our best in challenging circumstances, trying to help each other out.

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